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Sourcing Personnel & Organizing Visas

Organizing Personnel Movements

Providing All Documentation

Organizing Training Course

IE Services Company Offering You a Complete Services

Whether you need a single individual for a short term job, or full teams on regular rotations, both on and offshore, our experienced team will help you every step of the way.

We believe no other company can offer you a personal service, encompassing the qualities of experience, reliability and loyalty at competitive rates. We are 100% committed to providing our clients with the very best service.

Our personnel are based in locations globally. In conjunction with our prompt response to your requirements, we are able to supply personnel for contracts worldwide.

We have a tried and tested supplier base enabling us to offer complete logistic solutions if required.

UK registered and fully tax compliant, offering a PAYE system as well as deduction of foreign tax if applicable. We also utilise a network of global advisors to assist with compliance globally.

Primarily our expertise lies in the following areas; however we can source and supply other disciplines as required.


IE Services ltd (UK) was established in 2019 by Managing Director Imran Jamil. IE Services Ltd is a specialist Marine and Hydrographic Survey support company. We specialised in matching highly skilled and qualified individuals to offshore companies who require personnel with high levels of competence and expertise

We have an experience in-depth exposure to the industry; we recognized an opportunity to improve the efficiency of personnel recruitment and a growing need for companies to complement their in-house staff with qualified and experienced contract personnel.

IE Services Ltd (UK) believes that the most successful business relationships are based on true long-term partnerships. We can fully illustrate this by the repeat business of our clients






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